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The name of the dustmuseum is inspired by a text of Russian artist Vadim Zakharov. He figured out that normally every artist likes to collect everything. Because he or she has always the idea that this and that object could be used some time later to realize another great artwork. So the artists collection of all the things grows and grows, but nothing happens. The only thing which is sure is, that the dust on all this crap becomes an overwhelming monster.

We all know the rules of the capitalistic artmarket: everytime the market needs new sensations. Normally the older artwork , made years ago (i am not talking about the old artworks made by one of the super-artists, this is a different story in the book of the capitalistic sensations), becomes in the eyes of the market a boring piece of shit. But the dustmuseum collects this forgotten art, even when the dust will win the match at the end. Nevertheless, for one moment, we can see this treasure of all the artworks, which can not be commercialized and eaten by the art market. This is the real value.

The collection of the dustmuseum encloses works (mostly from the last century) of Ad Breedveld, Marleen van Engelen, Rodney Dickson, Peter Kastner, PK & Hanno Kreie, Vlado Kristl, Paolo Moretto, Barbara Pier, Ine Ophof, Shojo no Tomo and Jan van Wissen.